By Leonardo Perez

(X-PC Tech and involved with technology & Electronics repair since 1975)

     As you can see there are no visible signs on the outer casing of the laptop of either being abused or dropped, believe me it would of left a mark with the soft plastic used to make this item. What is clear in the picture to the right is that the screen was cracked by a source closely related to the hinge assembly which was reported being very loose and when opened by an unsuspecting user would put enough pressure to crack the screen from the inside of the unit assembly, a clearly manufacturer defect and cause for damage of this laptop but yet refused to be serviced by the Black Tie Geek squad from Bridgewater, NJ or their home office in I believe Tennessee?

More pictures and the unit itself is available for inspection from an independent party but Best Buys decision not to honor their service agreement which was purchased on top of the item is unfair, unjust and illegal in my point of view. So we are waiting for the decision of the government agency in charge of protecting consumers rights, the BBB Online and others in order to see if this can be resolved peacefully without having to go to court for all costs involved that the owner is entitled to not to mention any fines Best Buys BlackTie Geek squad service may suffer for this and probably with other customers that also purchased this deceptive service agreement.

     I’m not telling you not to buy anything at your local Best Buys store just be cautious with their added costly and apparently worthless Black Tie service agreements they may try to convince you in buying with your item until they fix this issue and as of today it has not been addressed.