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     I was assured by Comcast’s corporate officer (names?) that this would be the case after having them NOT fix the issue called for by me and not to mention their ability to deliver a new replacement modem to a local Comcast office (Lies, I hate liars) as told to me over the phone by their representative when I called them. By now you must of guessed who I’m speaking about, Comcast Cable Services of New Jersey. Now don’t get me wrong the other services so far and other issues I ran up against were taken care of with kindness and understanding but the data services is another story all together. I believe that the data services should be separated from cable as I see an inherit conflict of interest and I welcome anyone out there, the public ( you the common Joe ) to contact your elected local representatives in our great government to do so with an act/ bill or law. This should be the realm of the FCC or the FTC but you know how lame they are to protect our rights and especially enforce them so contact your congressman or other elected official about this.

     Another issue similar to the one mentions before  is related directly to our great cell phone providers like Virgin Mobile (Sprint), Boost, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and others contracted or not its the same. Once again I must point out that these Cell phone ISP’s are following the same old excuses of saying their lack of service is due to traffic, cell phone model & make, anything

but the truth. I have contacted on many occasions Virgin Mobile about there issues for years and have the

pleasure (really not) of having my previous cell phone (Optimus V, LG) replaced many times including having the last one replaced with the European model (I live in the USA) with diminished functionality and even though I confirmed this from LG Virgin Mobile’s representatives insists this is not the case. Well I’m neither dumb, blind or retarded to see that this was not the case. Now just recently in a leap of faith sent away for a better cell phone (Motorola Triumph) in the hopes that maybe just maybe it was LG’s poorly made cell phone but to my surprise the problem still exists. The odds of that are beyond me in fact I stand a better chance of hitting the lottery then to receive two distinct cell phones to blame that do this. I pointed out this to the tech representative (2nd level from US I think) and the tech after explaining this suggested I move on to another carrier, WOW!. This is not what I wanted to hear especially trying to hold the faith that industry (Virgin Mobile) really does want to keep their customers happy especially one that reviews their services online like me. This tech invited me to review Virgin Mobile on a negative light and drop them like a hot potato well that will not cut it. I explained to him that he needed to escalate this issue to his higher ups who do maybe care on their companies image to the public and I hope that happens so I will wait and see. If your a Virgin Mobile customer experiencing the same issue, let your concerns be known, call them and tell them of this. More on this issue both here and on my weekly show of Techrant so stay tuned. Virgin Mobile people I’m waiting!